The company so called “Cooperativa del Campo San Isidro” was set up in Albatana on the 30th of March 1946. It had a scarce activity during the following twenty years, which was probably due to the lack of resources of that time or any other circumstances.

Then, on the 30th of April 1964, at 9.00pm, a group of 20 farmers and wine growers who had a meeting at the former Farmers’ Union, advised by some of the Provincial Cooperation officers, decided to elect the Governing Board. This decision was taken in order to create the Winery Section so that our vineyards were protected. This elected Board had the objective of transacting whatever which were necessary to make the building of our winery become a reality.

By the end of September 1965, the winery was inaugurated and given the name of “Cooperativa del Campo San Isidro.Winery Section”. 52 members belonged to it by then and the 1965-66 campaign was its first elaboration.

During the following years, different enlargements and changes have been applied to the winery to update not only its capacity but also its adaptability to new technical and enological advances. The bottling and aging warehouses are the most recently built ones.

Nowadays the winery has 320 members and we could find among them some of the former founding partners and their descendants or relatives.

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